Many social activities are held under the banner of the temple. A few of the activities are listed for the information of the public.

  1. Promotion of Education for the children of Yogum voters as Educational aid. A good amount of money is disbursed as educational aid for the promotion of the eduction of the children of Yogam voters.
  2. A good amount of money is disbursedfor the financially backward yogam voters as medical assistance.
  3. A good amount of money is given to the needy (poor) yogam voters for the marriage of their daughters.
  4. The poor and needy yogam voters are paid the expenses for the repair of their houses.
  5. All the expenses of the boys (vatus) who undergo the 3 year course of Veda Patasala at Mangalore is met by the temple.
  6. The expenses of the vatus who undergo the Veda Patasala course at Ambalamedu is met by the temple.